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How to make indian almond leaves water

Date : 2017-04-14 16:33 | View : 412
How to make indian almond leaves water

1. Pick Indian Almond Leaves fall from tree and dry. Leaves may red , yellow or brown all leaves can use.

2. Wash with clean water.
    Warning : Don't pull Indian Almond Leaves fresh from tree because green leaves is poison for bettas

3. Make sure dry with sunshine again 1-2 days.

4. Check again make sure dry then wash with clean water again.

5. Wrap indian almond leaves with some white fabric and put in tank ( ratio indian almond leaves 1 kg : water 20-40 liter ).

6. Add little salt ( about one handful ) then close tank 1-2 days not over because indian almond leaf may be rot and water rot )
  Warning : If smell water strange nearly rot or see mucilage or moldy you can not use.

7. Remove indian almond leaves from tank.
8. Mix indian almond leaves water in jar betta fighter until look tea color. Not dark color because fish may be misty eye.


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